Netherlands withholds applause after “O” speech!

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Please feel free to visit the link below for a fellow bloggers audio post of Netherland’s withholding applause after “O” speech.

In this case silence does not mean approval and in this case silence is speaking louder than words.   Thanks for visiting this site and the site below.

Mary A. LaClair, Writer, Editorialist, Will Edit Your Work

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About Author

Mary A. LaClair is a NYS Certified Paralegal with over 187 columns published as a regular columnist working with Press Media Group in Virginia for over four years.  Holds Vice Chair for Oneida  County NY Christian Coalition.

Mary holds a diploma in Theology from Life Christian University and has been published in other numerous publications. A partial publication
list includes:

Feature articles appearing in:

Bead and Button Magazine
African Violet Magazine
Woman Alive!
Alliance Life (Christian Missionary Alliance)
Purpose (Mennonite)
Syracuse Post Standard

Additional credits:

Guideposts’  Angels On Earth (twice)
Home Times Newspaper, Florida
Christian Citizen News, Cincinnati
Previous Writing Star at HELIUM on the net
Regular Columnist at Syracuse Good News
Amy Foundation – Discipling Journal
Partaker in TV Debate vs ACLU

Mary is developing a website at, a site for ‘common sense revisited’.

Letters to the editor appeared in the American Bar Association Journal and American Bible Society Record.

Mary A. LaClair ;PO Box 435 ,Vernon,New York 3476


Satisfied Clients

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The following is a list of satisfied clients of editorial work done by us:

Rev. Dr. Fucci;

Rev. Banuchi

Travis Hamby

Many more to come